How it works...

Do you like letters and words? So let's play then!
With the "Start" button you get to the list of games. Here you've got the possibility to start the first game and - if successful - get access to the next, one by one. Some of the games are only available in the premium version.
The high score lists can be accessed via the button "High Scores". For each game there is a separate high-score list, where you can register after a successful game.
There are some basic configurations that you can adjust. This can be done via the menu with the button "Settings". Turning off the sound and the configuration of the back light is possible.
An important part of the functionality of the games is the word database. It consists of about 8,000 different words. Despite careful selection, there will certainly be missing words, possibly even misspelling! We try to continuously update it. However, some cases maybe ambiguous, particularly foreign words or rarely used terms. So we ask your indulgence if one of your words is not detected, or the requested word is not common. Then, shortly bitch at these "ignorant programmers", but immediately start a new game in order to beat Aunt Letty's high score from last Thursday.
Have fun!!!

list of games


Build words using the given letters!

Touch the position in the grid to place the letter. Place it in the line above if you have no clue how to use it in your word.


Scrambled Letters

Unscramble the letters and put them together in the right way!


Letter Memory

Remember the shown letters and click them in the correct succession!


Add Vowels

Touch the missing vowels in the correct order! Be quick!


Cross Words

Touch one letter from each column and create a new valid word!


Two wrong letters

Conclude from the first two words two wrong letters in the third word.